I am a licensed Radio Amateur and have held the UK callsign G8LRS since June 1976.

I can usually be found operating PSK on 20m, 30m or 40m.

I have owned a number of different bits of Amateur radio equipment over the years. My Equipment History page shows pictures of most of them.

When on holiday I have been known to operate Maritime Mobile whilst crusing.

Icom IC-7000
LDG AT-100Pro Autotuner
Indoor inverted V fan dipole

I am a member of a number of different Amateur clubs.

EPC #0914 EU Area UK.HA.TV
30MDG #0498
DMC #806
PODXS 070 Club #962

The equipment currently in use from my home QTH.

Icom IC-7000

Digital IF filters
The IC-7000 has 41 different filter widths. I just dial in the width I want and select whether I want a sharp or soft filter shape for SSB and CW modes. A quick turn of the concentric twin PBT knobs, allows me to either narrow the IF passband, or shift the entire passband to eliminate the QRM.

2 x MNF (Manual Notch Filter)
Pull out the weak signals in crowded band conditions with two-point MNF manual notch filter. Apply 70 dB of rejection to two signals at once. Notch width is adjustable wide, medium, and narrow and an auto-tuning notch filter is available.

2.5-inch colour TFT display with TV screen receive capability
The IC-7000 display presents numbers and indicators in bright, concentrated colours for easy recognition. I can choose from 3 background colours and 2 font styles to suit my preference (eye sight).

One-touch operation
Eight of the most-used radio functions are controlled by dedicated function keys grouped around the display for easy visibility. One quick touch turns the function and off. A longer touch activates adjustment of the function setting.

LDG AT-100Pro Autotuner

The LDG AT-100Pro covers all frequencies from 1.8 – 54 MHz, and will automatically match my antennas quickly.

It has a two-position antenna switch, allowing me to switch instantly between my two antennas. The AT-100Pro requires just 1 watt for operation, but will handle up to 125 watts.